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Choose outstanding quality “ManicoDeco“ is an island of good taste in the endless ocean of supply. Our specialised e-shop offers a range of carefully selected, exclusive quality home textiles, tableware and living space décor, lighting and other accessories as well as artwork. Design your own home This is a space for interior design where our experts can help you design the interior of your own home. In one single space you will be able to choose matching home décor items and use them to create a unified, consistent, and complete home décor – the one you have always wanted.

Even during the most difficult moments of life
Even during the most difficult moments of life, let's create some joy for ourselves and share it. Let's gather around the table to be together. What makes a table, gathering around it your dear people, look nice? Of course, delicious treats and nice crockery. But the final touch that makes the table truly festive is the tablecloth. And it doesn't have to be white. Tablecloths in both beautiful pastels and expressive rich colours are the perfect way to complete a festive table and bring out the shades and textures of the crockery on the table. Our tablecloths are stain-resistant and easy to wash and iron - and our happy customers have already tested them! Take a look around our range and choose your tablecloth for Easter!
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A new collection of "Curt Bauer" bedding is coming! You will find new products in the home textile category. The products of the German brand are of extremely high quality. The bedding does not fade, does not swell, does not stretch - it is obvious that it will serve your household for many years.

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